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Our Story

Prior to our involvement with Aussies, we raised and showed Suffolk sheep for twenty-seven years in the central coast area of California. Back then, we used Border Collies and McNabs to work our sheep. At a local county fair we met Alan and Kathy McCorkle. Kathy would bring their gorgeous Australian Shepherds to many of these sheep shows, and we always admired their intelligent, loving dogs. Oh, the desire to own a blue merle, or black tri Australian Shepherd was becoming greater each time we were around the breed.

Our first Australian Shepherd, Not Too Sirius of Heatherhill (Molly), was given to us in 1993 by the McCorkles. Molly was not a blue merle, or a black tri. She was a red merle. We were quickly hooked on the breed. Maybe color just didn't seem to matter. Molly raised her first litter in 1996. Sadly she never made her way into the show ring. She was the foundation producer to our breeding program, and produced several champions.

We retired in 2003 and moved to Oklahoma to be near our children and grandchildren. We are a small, private kennel, producing one to three litters a year. We and the dogs enjoy country living at its best. Wildlife, fishing ponds, lots of room for the dogs to run and enjoy life.

A few years later we joined the Claremore Kennel Club. Members of the club encouraged us to enter a dog show. That was the beginning of our adventure into the conformation ring.

Here we are, still loving and enjoying these loyal, smart dogs. We can't imagine life without an Australian Shepherd.

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